Doing a massive catch up since I've been incredibly busy working and having fun.

W Hotel (Lakeshore / City Center) curates fantastic events and I always have so much fun being involved in it shooting photos for them. Events including fashion designers, international / local talent, and pop up shops. I've met so many fantastic people through these events and I'm happy to take their photos catching the moment. Summer has been good so far and I know it's only gonna get better from here. Ok short and sweet, onto the next blog post.

Here are my top to bottom 5 on the pictures above:

  1. Gabriella Zwick and models wearing her swimwear. They were all so nice and really enjoying their time showing off the swimwear.
  2. JackLNDN was playing Lollapalooza after-party at the W City Center. He was real nice and happy to get his photo taken DJ'ing. Check out his music, especially this.
  3. I love catching employees / friends of the W Hotel in Chicago. Either smiling, posing, or simply being weird - all of it is great.
  4. Jenna Zielbauer of Casual Friday brought her apparel for Lollapalooza girls to buy and she brought her in her adorable daughter Maxi Monroe.
  5. I'm so behind on blogging all of these photos I've been taking!