Allison x Kyle Get Married

I was honored to shoot my friends wedding in Big Bend, WI on this hot summer day. Allison and Kyle had their ceremony at his parents house in their backyard under a tent and the fun ended back in Milwaukee. 

Following Allison around the entire day was so fun. Seeing all of the range of emotions from her getting ready with all of her bridesmaids, getting there, the big ceremony, and then of course the dancing at the reception.

There's something special about shooting moments like this. I always end up learning a lot about myself and how I executed things. It's precious being apart of their family and their friends for a few days. Really, it's such a humble experience and makes me appreciate what I've done for them. 

Misc Thoughts

  1. Definitely over-prepared for the wedding day. Rather be over than under-prepared to be honest. 

  2. I was backing up all of my photos mid-shooting throughout the entire day. Thank god I had my computer with me and my external to back up every card every so often. Just 6D things with one SD card slot.  

  3. I think I'm going to try to shoot with just 85mm and a 35mm next time. 50mm is nice but I want to try something new out for next time around.

  4. I forgot to eat dinner. Thanks to my friends (& coworkers), they reminded me to sit and eat. Such an important thing that I easily missed because I was so honed in capturing photos of everyone. 

  5. The reception / dancing photos were my favorite. Everyone was having such a good time and the music was hella good. Look at them below!

  6. Was told “You’re like the most well dressed photographer I’d ever seen.” This was totally out of the blue from a guests and I got so red and couldn’t stop smiling, haha.

Wedding Dress: Suite Bridal / Wedding planner: Casey Moglia (Save The Date MKE) / Venue: South Second / Florals: Sweven Floral / DJ: Kyle Woods