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THE ORDER | Mario Tricoci's Make Me A Model 2016 Fashion Show

A couple Friday's ago I had the opportunity to shoot The Order's A/W 2016 walk down the runway at Mario Tricoci's Make Me A Model Fashion Show and it was killer. I worked my way battling against other photographers to get in the middle of the photo pit to get these shot's. 

To Factor Chosen Models: way to slay the runway with her stuff!
To Nicole: thank you! Can't wait to work with you again!

Keep a lookout for The Order's S/S 2017 on her website and her instagram page. I'm pretty sure there's going to be all kinds of dark sexy satin and lace. 

I will call it now, she will go big soon at this rate. 


Last week I received an email in my inbox about a Chicago fashion show happening on Friday from Nicole Maret. The email was mentioned how there was a "Mario Make Me A Model" runway show/competition hosted by Mario Tricoci featuring  five Chicago designers showing 10 looks being worn by model finalists. One of those five designers is my lovely and dearest friend Nicole Maret of The Order.

I honestly never been to a fashion show in my life and made an impulse buy to go to this event. Bought my ticket not too long after I go into the office and waited till Friday evening to arrive so I can go to my first fashion event. Walking into Redmoon theatre, I could see a swarm of beautiful people in suits and dresses. Me on the other side of the spectrum - black boots, black skinny jeans, black collared shirt, denim jacket, and a backpack. I literally said to myself "Fuck." I didn't care at all because I was there to support her.

Throughout the event, I made the best of it in my own element in a sea of designers, creatives, and elegant people. Pulled my camera out of my bag and started taking photos of the models walking down the runway in her new "Paradigm" collection. I will admit, her work is stunningly beautiful. I'm a fan of black and it's all elegant in its unique way. Attractive really. You know what? I had a good time and I think I'm going to get myself into this stuff more, it was a different vibe than what I'm used to and they actually play good electronic music that I'm into. 

Here's my 5 in random order...

  1. Security stopped me outside the gate and show that I had a ticket. I guess it's since I came not dressed like everyone else. Every guy had a suit on. I had black boots, black skinny jeans, black collared shirt, denim jacket. Haha, oops?
  2. I snuck myself in the back photo area to get some of these shots. Lots of repeats I know but got what I got.
  3. I sat next the mother of the winner. She was so nice and glad I got some photos of her in the outfits and winning the competition.
  4. Didn't even see Nicole the entire night but saw her collection go down the runway. 10/10.
  5. I actually really liked the whole experience. Will definitely have to do it again sometime soon.