TRAVEL | Montréal

I want to write so much about my trip but I hope the pictures can show you everything (at least a good chunk of it) that I've done in Montréal. Ever since I got back, everyone has been asking "why did you choose Montréal?" like as if I was crazy. Honestly, it was a risk deciding my vacation on "Eeny, meeny, miny, moe" but between Portland, Oregon OR Austin, Texas OR Montréal, Québec I'm so glad it landed on the city I wanted to go to the most. Life is precious, do things you never think you would be doing and it could be the best thing you've done.

Now that I'm back on the grind of things, looking back at my trip I really had such a good time. I came in knowing absolutely zero people and came home with a lot of new friends from various industries and personalities. I loved the city so much I've decided I'll be coming back next year.

Here some thoughts and highlights of the trip:

  1. Every day was a new adventure. No one with me. By myself. Being super selfish about everything in the the most enjoyable way possible doing absolutely whatever I wanted.
  2. I barely did any touristy things but had an extensive list of nitty gritty things locals would do. Some locals saw my list and were amazed by how much I've done in 5 days which some haven't even done in a years time. 
  3. Montréal people are just as nice as Chicagoans. All friendly and welcoming. So attractive too.
  4. Food and drinks are way more exotic, fresh, and so unique compared to Chicago. The cuisine all over was so different. Didn't even see a single burger or fries anywhere. It's safe to say in Chicago we've mastered the gastropub cuisine and I'm in love with more fresh foods and seafood.
  5. My Airbnb host was so great, they came up to say hello and see how my trip was and even put me on a guest list to a DJ to see during my stay. Would definitely stay there again. 
  6. (imo) Fashion is way ahead of Chicago. More personal preference but every woman I've met and saw had an unique sense of style. Just a different look & feel of what I'm used to. All were simple and comfortable. 
  7. Kept a log of thoughts in my notepad to recall my entire vacation like food I ate, drinks I've drank, and names of people I've met. This struck some bar conversations which lead me to these side adventures. No idea what was ahead of me and just taking it as it came.
  8. Transportation is just as efficient as Chicago but I won't lie, they one up metro and bus times at much more of a consistent rate. Something always came within minutes. All the time.
  9. Met so many people, exchanged business cards and contacts, and some nights just spontaneously went on another side adventure within my own adventure. It always ended up with a lot of eating/drinking and waking up with a terrible bloated belly and a massive hangover.
  10. Montréal is absolutely a beautiful city inside and out. Canada is our neighbor and it's a mere 2 hours flight from Chicago. It's the closest European look & feel you'll get within the states.


Thank you all (everyone in Montréal) for making my first solo trip a good memorable one. 

TRAVEL | Montréal (preview)

Last Thursday I went to Montréal for the first time, ever. This was my first solo trip out of the country knowing absolutely no one, barely anything about the city, and what the hell I was doing. I did have one thing in mind and it was to take everything as it came and go along with it. That single piece of advice to myself lead me into the wildest adventures.

I rarely did anything touristy but really dove deep into the rich food & drink scene and culture of the people here. Over my time in the city, I've met some of the most interesting, welcoming, and genuine people at restaurants/bars I happened to be at. From there, every local lead me to another local spot.

I'm still in the process of picking/choosing my edited photos. Once I'm done, I'll work a gallery to share with you all.