Last week I attended The Winchester's #tastethewin Tastemaker event featuring Anne Owen of Owen + Alchemy. Surprisingly, this was my first time here at the restaurant. My friend lives a block away and always raves about how she always goes here but I never step foot in there yet. Anyways, this event just happened to be going on and thought it would be perfect to go see what they're all about, meet new people, and get a chance to shoot some photos. As you can tell, I did end up taking some! 

#tastethewin is a series that features Chicago's very own and best from a variety of industries. Kicking the series off - Anne Owen of Owen + Alchemy in Logan Square. Owen + Alchemy is a modern juice apothecary in Chicago serving cold pressed juices, fresh nut milks and plant-based whole foods. With each person featured in the series, the host gets to choose their charity or organization of choice. In this case, Anne chose the Logan Square Farmers Market. Every featured drink purchased, some proceeds go to that charity or organization - pretty cool, right?

I met so many lovely new people and meeting the host herself. Anne was such a sweetheart and one of the bubbliest people I've met. Can't forget to mention the slew of other people I met throughout the night as well - designers, photographers, etc. Had such a wonderful time and look forward to the next event of the series!

Here are my 5...

  1. Anne is super sweet and has a cool sense of style. Told her I had the #21 for the first time ever and loved it. Never had Owen + Alchemy prior to the event. 
  2. First event shooting with my new Canon 35mm lens. Literally got it the same day.
  3. Could've ate an entire baguette with that spread (pic above). Mmm.
  4. Everyone kept looking at Anne's shoes (pic above). Killer shoes.
  5. My friend Brittany came along with me bringing all of her stuff. Sorry for making you bring all your stuff! So thank you!