memorial day


May has been busy at BKB Chicago and I got to cover two fun events - "Tacos & Tuneups" and "Memorial Day Mixer"

I'll start off with "Tacos & Tuneups." It was cold / rainy but I was surprised to see the amount of people still working out and getting their rock climbing on. Can't forget to mention Clif Barwas giving out free bars to the community, The Salsa Truck selling their great tacos, and Heritage Bicycles was providing discounted on the spot tuneups. Those chorizo tacos you see up there...yeah, that was mine. Could've had TWO more, easily!

"Memorial Day Mixer" was probably by far my favorite event ever shooting. I only say this because of the amount of involvement the facility / staff took on with the climbing community totally integrating belay buddies to get free tattoo's to apply on yourself and the crate stacking competition. It was amazing how the females of the competition were slaying the boys on crate stacking! I would like to try at it some point and I'm sure it's super mentally and physically challenging. 

I'm looking forward to the events and photo shoots I have lined up. Can't wait to show you guys what I have upcoming.