los felize


On my Day 2 of the west coast, it started off with a massive hangover from a long night out before. We were all binge coffee drinking, dosing ourselves with ibuprofen, and going wild with the idea of brunch coming. Tracy, a friend of Tara and Ali's met up with us for brunch at Cafe Nouveau and the food was incredible - totally hit the spot. We pitched the idea of going to Venice and Santa Monica for the day and right then and there, Tracy called her dentist and moved later to soak in the entire day and night. Venice was such a weird cool diverse crowd and Santa Monica was lively and fun as I remembered of the first night I was on the west coast. I had such a good time out with these beautiful ladies on this day. Here's my top 10 of Day 2...

  1. From left to right - Tara, Tracy, Ali, Lainey
  2. Gus (the dog) farts smell like a million farts just blew in your face. He's such a good happy lil bulldog during brunch. 
  3. Venice is by far the most diverse crowd I ever seen in my life. From homeless, women aimlessly wandering around in thongs, longboarders zig zagging through the crowd, amazing artists, street performers, beautiful people roaming, etc. It was weirdly relaxing just walking down the streets people watching. 
  4. Did an impromptu photoshoot with Tara and Ali of Our Kandles. A dedicated post to them and their company will be coming later!
  5. Tara took me to Los Feliz (up and coming hip neighborhood outside LA) to see my friend Gabriel and Kaitlyn. They were among my first friends I met in Chicago and now live in LA. Thank you Tara for being the chauffeur and Tracy for tagging along. It was so sweet.
  6. Forgot where I placed my sunglasses and freaked out for a sec because I couldn't remember where I put them. Then I saw them on top of her car. Huge relief since we drove everywhere that morning too.
  7. We had Sugarfish sushi for dinner in Santa Monica and it was AMAZING. If you ever get a chance to try it, I highly recommend. I would go again in a heartbeat!
  8. Tracy (black leather coat) moved her dentist appointment just to hang out with me and all of us.
  9. Chavito Bar and Lounge really reminded me of Wicker Park or Logan Square. This is where I met Gabriel and Kaitlyn.
  10. All of my friends tell me to move to the west coast because we were having so much fun.