Summer is here. Well sort of. If you live in Chicago, you really know what I mean. 

Chicago in the summer is amazing. There are street festivals every weekend, rooftop parties, patio eating & drinking, beaches, and much more. I recently got the opportunity to take photos for W Chicago - Lakeshore for their event "Wet Deck BubbleQ" featuring the lovely Jena Gambaccini of ChiCityFashion. The party was packed with a variety people, all ranging from businessmen and women, interior designers, fashion designers, bloggers, etc of the Chicagoland area. Got so many good candids of people happy and being goofy. Here is my top 5 of the night...

  1. Jena is hilariously funny. She also served herself some Veuve Clicquot.
  2. My friend Maddy likes to avoid getting her photo taken but you know, I'm a photo ninja so I got a few good ones in, heh. 
  3. I think I drank like 6 glasses of Veuve Cliquot Rosé. It was so so good.
  4. I was totally underdressed (black t-shirt, black jeans, black converses) for the event but hey, I'm the photographer. I do whatever I want. 
  5. Met so many good people who worked in different industries and professions. Lots of business cards too.